Light Form 66 cm (Smart Option in Steel Structures)

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Light Forms exclusively innovated and introduced by BetonBaspar Co. may be utilized as an alternative for poly styrene in joist block slabs with the capacity of more than 50 times to be formed. This product can be used in both concrete and metal joists as well and are being produced in various dimensions including 30, 40, 50 and 100 centimeters. Effective width of these forms (Joists effective distance in slab) is 43 centimeters.

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1-    One year full guaranty (with no hesitation)

2-    Free technical services for all phases of purchase and construction

3-    At least 50 times utilization in concerting activity

4-    To delete poly styrene ignition and fume emissionrisk

5-    Acceptable load bearing capacity to delete financial and human risk of poly styrene blocks’ breakage.

6-    Quite light and low sized in respect to transportation and warehouse keeping

7-    The efficiency of forms’ width to be changed due to various joist installation in slabs


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